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  • Belotero Soft (1ml)
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Blanching is an innovative technique of injectable skin rejuvenation. Its peculiarity is that fillers are injected into the skin surface with small, painless injections.

Blanching technique is used to deeply rehydrate, fill and smooth wrinkles and stimulate skin rejuvenation.

Blanching procedure is performed only by the certified German drug Belotero, which provides instant and natural correction of small surface wrinkles.

Indications for blanching:

  • eyebrow wrinkles and forehead creases
  • nasolacrimal wrinkles
  • small wrinkles around the mouth
  • wrinkles on the neck, the so-called "rings of Venus"

The result of the procedure:

  • smoothed wrinkles
  • preservation of natural facial expressions

Contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, exacerbated skin diseases, herpes, SARS, hormonal disorders, cancer.