Favorite procedures

  • Eyes
  • ₴3500


  • Forehead Eyebrows
  • ₴5500


  • Nefertiti lifting
  • ₴7900

Botulinum therapy is an injectable method of skin rejuvenation, which uses modern Botulinum toxin type A - a purified natural protein that has the ability to relax hyperactive facial muscles in very small doses, which are the cause of facial wrinkles.

At the Dream Life Center, botulinum therapy is performed both with the help of the French drug Dysport and with the use of the American drug Botox. Both drugs are certified, effective and safe.

Botulinum toxin type A injections are used to smooth the skin in the areas of facial wrinkles (forehead, nose, outer corners of the eyes, nasolabial folds).


Advantages of botulinum therapy

  • instant result
  • no side effects and speed of the procedure
  • lack of long-term rehabilitation
  • prevention of new wrinkles
  • the achieved effect lasts a long time


Contraindications to botulinum therapy are:

- pregnancy

- lactation period

- skin diseases in the acute stage

- herpes


- hormonal disorders

- onco