Favorite procedures

  • Electroporation of the face + neck
  • ₴400


  • Aquapiling + Moisturizing the Face + Neck
  • ₴1900

Aqua-peeling on the Hydra Beauty device is a unique, comfortable and painless procedure, which includes three techniques: mechanical exfoliation, application of multifunctional serums and used vacuum.

The Hydra Beauty device is a system for comprehensive skincare:

  • cleaning and exfoliation
  • strengthening and moisturizing
  • stimulation of metabolic processes at the cellular level

Indications for the procedure on the Hydra Beauty device:

  • contaminated, extended pores
  • superficial and deep wrinkles
  • black dots
  • hyperpigmentation
  • oily leather

Stages of procedure:

Stage 1. Hydropeeling - includes 3 serums:

AQUA Solution 1 - Serum with Ana-Acids

Due to lactic acid, it removes excess of sebum, cleans the pores and releases the skin surface from the gear cells.

AQUA Solution 2 - Serum with VNA-Acids

Effectively cleans the pores, suppresses the activity of acne pathogens, regulates the allocation of skin fat, removes inflammation.

AQUA SOLUTION 3 - Hydrating Serum

Moisturizes the purified skin and increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin, due to the extract of portulak and hyaluronic acid.

Stage 2 (optional). Application of moisturizing serums and there infusion into the skin with the help of electroporation. Another additional option is photo chromotherapy, which normalizes the nutrition and breathing of the skin at the cellular level.

Course: 1-5 procedures with an interval of 1 week.