Favorite procedures

  • Basic program
  • ₴500


  • Body Massage Basic Program + 5 Focus
  • ₴1400



Icoone Laser Med massage device is an innovative patented Roboderm® technology,
which combines a new generation microstimulators with laser power and LED.

The massage on the Icoone Laser Med device simultaneously performs 3 features:

1. Lipolysis - body contours are noticeably tightened

2. Lifting - occurs as a result of synthesis of collagen and fibroblasts

3. Drainage and detox - a superfluous liquid is led out, edema and inflammation are removed, cells become more energetic

Icoone Laser Med is used for:

  • Treatment of cellulite and reduction of volumes of adipose tissue
  • Removal of edema
  • Elimination of skin faintness
  • Wrinkle smoothing
  • Formation of the silhouette contour (strengthening of buttocks, waist)
  • Breast lifting
  • Elimination of muscle pain
  • Facilitating the effects of sports injuries