Мікрострумова терапія

  • Lymphatic drainage of the Face
  • ₴1500

Microcurrent therapy is one of the physiotherapeutic methods of soft and delicate faces and body care.

Bio-Therapeutic is a leader on the aesthetic cosmetology market and the founder of a unique technology of microstray therapy. One of the best Bio-Therapeutic Computers' products are Bio-Ultimate Platinum microstrays. Patented Suzuki Sequencing® technology gives fast and stable results, and the largest collection of automatic programs for work allows us to work not only on the face, but also on the whole body.

Bio-Ultimate Platinum provides:

  • Correction of the face oval
  • Treatment of dry, greasy and aging skin, acne, hyperpigmentation
  • Stimulation after dermabrasion and rehabilitation after plastic operations
  • Face myolifting, elimination of mimic wrinkles
  • Lymphodrainage 
  • Body and hair care

Stages of the procedure:

- lymphodrainage 

- biomask depending on the skin type

- microstimulation of the skin

- increase of muscle tone

Course: 1-12 procedures