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  • Polyrevitalization NCTF
  • 3500 ₴


  • Polyrevitalization NCTF HA
  • 3500 ₴


Polyrevitalization in "Dream life" is performed using the injection drug NCTF® 135 made by FillMed, with a unique formula that allows you to rejuvenate the skin by 360 °!

NCTF is based on hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants, which literally breathe life into your skin, brighten it, fill it with moisture and strength.

NCTF® 135 can be injected in the following areas:
• face (including the area around the eyes)
• neck
• neckline
• hands

The main indications for polyrevitalization are:
• Prevention and correction of early signs of aging
• Treatment of skin dehydration
• Correction of age-related changes (small wrinkles, atrophy, lethargy)
• Circulatory disorders of the skin (couperosis)
• Rehabilitation after chemical peels, laser and mechanical grinding, plastic surgery

Contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, exacerbated skin diseases, herpes, SARS, hormonal disorders, cancer.